Hello Oral Care Activated Charcoal

1 Ounce tube of activated charcoal fluoride free whitening trial/travel toothpaste. Say hello to naturally friendly and TSA Friendly activated charcoal fluoride free whitening toothpaste. This Black paste is thoughtfully formulated with high-quality ingredients that whiten naturally and gently without peroxide. The activated charcoal (made from sustainable bamboo) is nature's way to epically whiten teeth and freshen your breath like nobody's business. This paste also provides noticeably whiter teeth, removes plaque, freshens breath, tastes awesome and is safe for everyday use. This charcoal whitening toothpaste is fluoride-free, Dye Free, peroxide-free, SLS free, microbead free, triclosan-free, Paraben Free, and gluten-free. Hello also contains no artificial sweeteners and no artificial flavors.

$4.99 $7.99(-37.55%)

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