Long Lasting Eye Shadow & Eye Liner

Unlike ordinary eyeliners, it can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow, or even nail polish. A variety of ways to use, save money and save time. Contains holographic color effects for a truly unique look. Colors included are Red, Blue, Purple, Glod, Green, Silver, Yellow, Rose Red, Orange, Pink. Long Lasting Maintenance, Water-tight, Metallic Glitter Sparkling Effect. After drawing black eyeliner,use the liquid eyeliner along the line to outline the tempting eyes. This is a liquid product, please do not touch it immediately or blink your eyes. Please wait 2-3 minutes to dry it, and then continue makeup. Then it can stay the whole day without losing makeup. Important information Ingredients : vitamin b3 Ingredients : glycerine $2.00 Each Light Pink Light purple Red Bronze Gold Green Silver Pink Blue Soft gold

$1.99 $4.99(-60.12%)

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